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Feed the Brain First!
The Missing Link to Effective Addiction Treatment

What is the Missing Link???

The Addicted Brain is starving! Let’s feed it!

It is one of the primary jobs of our brain to help us cope with stress gracefully. To do that it needs to be fed optimally.

Research and clinical experience over the past 30 years has shown that when the brain receives the key nutrients it needs, emotional well-being is usually restored and psychological treatment is much more effective.

We will show you what other treatment programs in the US are doing to correct the key nutrient deficiencies that drive addiction and relapse, and to identify and address many of the the underlying bio-chemical imbalances that create depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain, etc,without medication!

Integrate powerful nutritional and educational strategies to quickly restore cognitive and emotional balance in your clients.

  • Your clients can be clear and focused by the end of the first week, ready to fully engage in treatment and encorporate crucial sobriety skills!
  • Depression, anxiety and insomnia often simply fade away, without more medication!
  • Even chronically relapsing alcoholics and addicts can stay clean and sober by applying these simple principles in their lives.

Services Offered

  • Free Introductory Webinar: In this webinar,  we will introduce you and your staff to the key elements of “Nutrition for Addiction Recovery”, and show how clients and programs using this approach have successfully reduced their relapse and recidivism rate. 
  • Implementation Consult: We will present the different ways you can integrate this approach into your existing program and help you decide where to start.
  • Training Program for Staff : Programs which utilize this approach have found that as staff experience first hand the tremendous benefits of effectively addressing their own nutrient and biochemical deficits, they are eager to support the clients in this transformation process as well.
  • Client Education Program: We will teach our educational curriculum to your clients via webinar. As your staff become trained, they can then purchase the curriculum and teach it themselves. In this process, clients learn how nutrient imbalances in their brain create symptoms, and will learn how to take care of their brains for the rest of their lives!
  • Individual Client Nutritional Consultations: Our highly trained staff will individually assess interested clients to create a targeted amino acid and nutrient program for them that will address their biochemical needs. Laboratory testing will be performed as indicated. We work closely with your medical and nutritional staff.
  • Food Program Assessment & Recommendations: Our holistic chef and certified recovery nutrition coach will work with your food service and management to identify and eliminate foods which  are detrimental to recovery and help them in implementing a strong Pro-Recovery 5 Star Diet.
  • Nutrient Dispensary Set-up and Recommendations: We will work with your management and medical team to decide which cost effective nutrients you wish to offer to all your clients, and which you will let them bring in on their own.
  • On-going Consultation As Needed:  There are many different elements to this approach, and many programs implement them gradually. We are committed to being available to you as needed, and will offer you as much information, support and troubleshooting as you need through this process.

Various pricing plans are available