Plate-Up with Pati Reiss

5 Week Program

Eating for Recovery and a Vibrant Life

A 5 Week Online Food and Lifestyle Course

Begins March 8th-April 5th  5:30 MST


What We Will Cover:

~Planning – The 5 Star Personalized Diet for You. Daily Meditation Spiritual Practice.

~Breakfast Personalized Plate Menu – Your Morning

~Lunch Personalized Plate Menu – Your Afternoon

~Dinner Personalized Plate Menu-Your Evening 

~Your Lifestyle Plate- Work, Family, Animals, Travel, Health, Exercise, Relaxation, Play, Etc.


Interactive Coaching Classes, 5 Cooking Videos, Creative Cooking, Intuitive Eating, Recipes

Reserve Your Spot Today for the Heavily Reduced Price of $333.00

Food is Life…Food Feeds our Brain
Food Feeds our Body…Food Feeds our Soul
“Let Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be Food
and let thy Food be Delicious” ~Hippocrates & Pati