“Plate Up” A Cooking, Food, Meditation & Lifestyle Course


CookingFoodMeditation & Lifestyle Course

 “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine be Food and Let Thy Food Be Delicious” 
Hippocrates & Pati

Class 1   Time…Planning…The 5 Star Diet Personalized for You… Daily Meditation Practice
Class 2   Breakfast Personalized Plate Menu & Recipes…               Your Morning…Golden Lifestyle Nuggets
Class 3   Lunch Personalized Plate Menu & Recipes                         Your Afternoon…Golden Lifestyle Nuggets
Class 4   Dinner Personalized Plate Menu & Recipes                Your Evening…Golden Lifestyle Nuggets Recipes
Class 5   Your Lifestyle Plate; putting it all together…work, cooking, family, meditation, travel, health, exercise, relaxation, play, good SLEEP!* Other Goodies; 5 Group Interactive Coaching Classes, 5 Cooking Videos, Experiential Meditations, Creative Cooking, Intuitive Eating, Recipes                                               
       June 28th  ~ August 2nd 5:30 MST Fee $ 333.00  


YES…you can live this!                        Happy Eats…Happy Life, Pati Reiss



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