Individual online classes for public and treatment professionals

The Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition is excited to announce the imminent production of a two new lines of 1-2 hour long informational and training modules. 

The first line is designed for the lay public and will teach people with substance use and other addictive disorders, along with their family members, how to reduces craving, relapse and the post-acute- withdrawal (PAW) symptoms of depression, anxiety, aggression and insomnia using diet and natural supplements.

The second line is for mental health and addiction professionals, and will ultimately include all the individual lectures within the two online courses (place link to curriculum here). CEUs will be  available per module. These modules will include detailed explanations of Reward Deficiency Syndrome and other genetic drivers of addictive and mood disorders, step by step information about how to determine which biochemical issues such as neurotransmitter deficiency, low blood sugar, hormone dysregulation, and gut dysbiosis may be causing your client’s symptoms and detailed instruction on how to most effectively use diet and supplements to address them. These modules can be taken in order or separately.”