Functions of Certified Nutrition Recovery Coaches

Certified Recovery Nutrition Coaches Level 1 are trained to:
 Understand the relationship between specific nutrient deficiencies and mental health and
behavioral symptoms.
 Assess the potential need for amino acid and nutrient support of neurotransmitter function in
detoxing and recovering people with substance use disorders, other addictive behaviors,
psychotropic drug dependencies, depression, anxiety, insomnia and other behavior disorders.
 Design an individualized and targeted amino acid and supplement protocol to address this
potential need.
 Identify common insufficiencies in diet, such as missing a meal or over-consumption of sugar,
that may contribute to the above symptoms,
 Give information about dietary changes which may address these insufficiencies and support
their clients in making and maintaining these dietary and lifestyle changes.

Certified Recovery Nutrition Coaches Level II are trained to:
 Recognize and assess for the basic symptoms of physiological disorders which impact mental
health, such as hormone imbalance, gut dysbiosis, food intolerances, toxicity and inflammation.
 This assessment process might include the recommendation of certain laboratory tests which
the clients can access themselves.
 Give information about nutrient support shown to be useful in these conditions.
 Refer to appropriate practitioners for diagnosis and treatment as necessary.
 Some Level II coaches may already possess the necessary medical training and credentials to
directly diagnose and treat these disorders.

As such, our coaches are trained to teach and work with individuals and groups, whether they be on
their own, in treatment programs, or through doctor’s offices. Depending upon the other skills, training
and credentials our coaches possess, they may take on other responsibilities as well, or be eligible to be
paid by insurance. This is a private certification, and as such, is not recognized by state regulatory
boards, or insurance companies. However, it does confer legitimacy, and indicates competence in the
above areas.

Information shared by our coaches is not intended to take the place of qualified medical care, nor to
diagnose or treat medical conditions.