All About Aminos with Christina!

Meet our very own Christina Veselak, “The Amino Acid Lady”!

1 thought on “All About Aminos with Christina!”

  • Christina, you have been an authority on amino acid therapy for many years. Amino acid therapy should be offered by many treatment centers for it’s powerful use of building neuro transmitters, needed from the destruction that addiction has on the brain.

    Your information is invaluable for the addiction treatment community. It would be of great help to many struggling with addiction, for you and your organization to team up with drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. The biggest obstacle is how can the addiction treatment centers use amino acid therapy to generate enough revenue with their rehab marketing efforts.
    Behavioral Health Network Resources holds 2-3 Addiction Executive Rehab Marketing events focusing on providing ethical rehab marketing strategies. BHNR has seen many of these CEO’s and Executives searching for new revenue streams to help support their addiction treatment centers.

    BHNR has been connecting Addiction Professionals for over 4 years, and one of the largest professional audiences in the nation. I’d like to invite you to join one of our most powerful groups, Addiction Professional Referral group on Facebook with 20,000 members., and to like our Rehab Marketing page These will help you get connected to addiction professionals nationwide, and educate you on best rehab marketing practices.

    You may have tried to contact our CEO, Charles Davis a while back on addiction treatment marketing. We are located at;
    Behavioral Health Network Resources
    6220 SW 15th Ct.
    Pompano Beach, FL 33068

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