About Us

We believe that addictions and many mental health issues are driven by imbalances in the brain. A stable, well-functioning and well-nourished brain is required for people to effectively address the emotional, psychological, social and spiritual issues which impact their lives and which need to be worked through for a successful recovery.


Many psychotherapists, psychiatrists and addiction counselors are aware of the vital role biochemical and nutrient imbalances play in the etiology and maintenance of substance use and mental health disorders. However, we often don’t have the skills or confidence to effectively approach these issues with our clients, without resorting to medication. Very often clients leave treatment on more medication than when they started.

To meet this need, The Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition was created. 
We believe that many of these issues can be effectively addressed without the use of medication, simply by accurately feeding the starving brain, and identifying and actually treating the other underlying biochemical drivers of these disorders.

The Academy is currently offering two online programs for the public. The purpose of these programs are to thoroughly train mental health and addiction counselors in these skills. Graduates will be able to identify which client symptoms are due to biochemical imbalances, and to either empower their clients with the tools necessary to effectively address their own imbalances using diet changes and over-the counter supplements; or make the appropriate referral.

Please see the resource section for articles and further information on the scientific basis for these approaches, many of which are derived from the rapidly growing field of functional medicine.